Friday, April 22, 2011


Joedian Willis
The New Jamaica- Writer

The rails run hot the touting is not going to stop
No it’s not going to stop I hope they know that.
Nineteen years of heavy gas rein and family death
That caused us a lot of pain
The Jamaican train is ready and rolling waiting to be
Boarded and trained.
Its bright yellow and black colours highlights our name
Its policy is to carry us through the dark tunnels and Mountain terrains
Over deep precipice and into the land where it once had it’s claim.


Bull Head Mountain up for Development...

By Jermaine May

The New Jamaica- Writer

The Bull Head Forestry Department (BHFD) is looking to make the mountain grow into a Tourist Attraction site. The Department is stepping up the process from merely initiat ives that were developed over the years into reality and in a short period of time.

Travelling to the top of the mountain

Thought you have reached the top?

Agriculture Minister, Dr. Christopher Tuffton.

President for the BHFD, Rupert Binger

Governor General Awardee for Long Community Service and President for the BHFD Rupert Binger stated that the Agriculture Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton signed off an agreement that work should begin at the Bull Head Mountain in transforming a large area into a major attraction site.

Almost visible fresh air travelling across the mountain.

The elated Binger said that 6 divisions in and around Northern Clarendon which includes 23 communities such as: Kellits, James Hill, Frankfield and Crofts Hill are all deeply involved in this project.
The architectural work is currently being done and one Binger knows for sure is that a Museum for educational purposes will be placed at central point of the island. Mr. Binger dubs this initiative “Bull Head Mountain is growing taller.”

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Written By
Rodney Newby
The New Jamaica Writer

"He is decietful, corrupt and anile..."

He is Rude...

It is bad enough that we are considered the murder capital of the world, but when our leaders cannot recall it gives the feel that we are not only CONSIDERED as the murder capital but we ARE in fact.

The commission of enquiry (soap Opera) have finally come to an end, thank God, but still the people are ignorant as to the motives behind what really transpired on May 23,2011, because no one can recall. A very important question was asked recently in a popular poll on a popular Television station, it read, Should Ministers who cannot recall sit in parliament? I find this a rather interesting question, why? Politicians swore unconscientiously to represent the people to whom they are selected. Whatever happened to them taking that oath!

With no political bias whatsoever, being affiliated with neither the JLP,PNP or The NDM, but being the voice of the people and a concerned citizen who wants to see the New Jamaica, the question is begging to be answered, why were so much money WASTED on an enquiry that yielded, “I CAN’T RECALL”?

One may answer, well, the people were informed. But informed about what? The platform that was supposed to be used as an avenue through which information on the Jamaican Government – Manatt Phelps and Phillips and Christopher Dudus Coke relationship would have been disseminated was instead used utterly and perpetually as a battle ground to see who has the “Longest tongue.” This is not by any chance is a figment of the public’s imagination.

I tell you why! Politics have become so corrupted; the truth has become the enemy of those that know it.

For Jamaica to become new we must first understand that we cannot and should not elect someone that cannot recall anything that he or she had a say in, neither should we elect someone that act on every mistake that his/her brother has committed.


One other thing before I take my leave, how can we say that we are fighting crime and violence, when in a setting in which the entire country is at view; I am referring to my brother as, “decieful, corrupt and anile।” What message are we sending to the future? I CAN’T RECALL…।



Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jamaica's Healing Stream

Jamaica’s healing stream

By Joedian Willis -
Writer - The New Jamaica
The milk river bath is rooted from Jamaica's slave history located in the parish of Clarendon. The bath was discovered by a slave who was badly beaten by his master and ran away into the forest for rescue. This rescue led him to the Milk River Bath where he washed his wounds that became healed from the soothing mineral water.
On his return to the slave village his master has agreed not to punish him if he told him of the spring’s location.
The area was then fenced and the slave was given the duty to guard it. This property was later willed over to the government that built the first bath on the property in 1794 and opened it to public that year. Today the area has 9 baths and a hotel that is visited by locals and patrons from all over the world for its renowned healing power. Jamaica has one of the highest radioactivity levels of any mineral bath in the world and is recognized for the curing of many ailments such as Sciatia, Lumbago, Gout and Liver disorders.
But with the ever increasing industrialization and globalization, has the bath lost its curing properties? The new Jamaica blogspot took a tour to the breath taking location in Clarendon for observations that as expected surpassed our expectations. The mountainous terrain was still intact with the cool evening breeze blowing as fresh as ever. Despite the low tourist numbers since the recession, the well kept tourist attraction was enough to indicate a brand new Jamaica.

The mineral spa is an hallmark in the Jamaican history and is held close to the hearts of many. However, since this bath has mysterious healing properties, why then are we not hearing familiar stories to that of the runaway slave? Could it be the work of faith…?
With these two questions the New Jamaica leaves you to your own opinion.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Black History Month – Are we living up to the Jamaican Motto?

Black History Month – Are we living up to the Jamaican Motto?

Rodney Newby
Writer – The Hidden Jamaica.

Whiteman, Chineyman, Blackman, Syrian ...” Out of Many one people” our motto states, causing the controversy of the Jamaican society, celebrating Black History Month. But, just what is Black History Month. Is it yet another element of the Americas being used to “Americanize” the Jamaican populace? Or does it mark the struggle and the beauty of freedom from captivity of the Blackman?
The Blackman has passionately embraced his freedom, which in time past was deeply rooted in the hearts of our black African brothers and sisters. YES! Our BLACK brothers and sisters, so why then are we having the trouble of wanting to celebrate the month of freedom due to sceptics who are saying to live up to our motto.

The Real meaning of Black History Month
Black History Month is the rising celebration of a long struggle to crowning greatness. The framing beautification of African American achievements despite the bondages of disparity, mistreatment, cruelty, segregation, harsh battles, injustice and slavery. Black history month is filled with hourglass of time strengthened with resilience, endurance, strong unwithered sacrifices and courage that our African American ancestors stood up for in hostile bravery.

The Journey to freedom
The shackles bonded feet treading the plantations and toiling in complete disparity was more than our ancestors could bear. Why then did they not make the run from the time they were separated one from another off the coast of Africa? Is it that they wanted to be enslaved? The mind of the man is very complex and while we can blame our brothers and sisters for not making the run immediately we must also understand the advancement of the slave owners. Wisdom of the black man would not have it any other way, but to wait until the time was right. We also question the presence of God then and why all this cruelty had taken place but as the good book says; his ways are not our ways ours and his thoughts deeper than ours, so we leave it there as far as he is concerned.
Oh it must have been a jubilee when the sound of freedom rang in the hearts and ears of our ancestors, singing the melodious words of “Swing low” as they made their way out of bondage.

Moving forward...
Black history month is a part of the black man’s being and a very significant part. Jamaica like the rest of the world has its due share in the celebration, so seen that we are “OUT OF MANY ONE PEOPLE” our Chinese, white, Indian brothers and sisters will have to play there part in helping the black man heal from the depressed world we once lived.

Many argue that Columbus discovered the island, but the question is, how can a place be discovered when it was already inhabited? So since Columbus discovered the land of wood and water why not celebrate Columbus discovery month and not Black history month in Jamaica since we are “OUT OF MANY ONE PEOPLE.” Let’s not misunderstand the concept of freedom, Columbus sailed across the world and landed on the Jamaican shores, he may have brought international attention to the little dot and that he is saluted for but the work of freedom gainers like Marcus Mossiah Garvey is far more significant to the growth of Jamaica and the people that call it home.
So then, are we living up to our motto? Without any racial judgement or discrimination, the black district of Jamaica is celebrating what they believe in and acknowledging what they live for. Therefore there is nothing wrong with the celebration of such. Hence the Jamaican people are living up to the motto of the country.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


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